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Réception: Résidences "Oasis Nature"
& "Maisons de la Jetée"
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Eng These are 2 Naturist Tourism Residences
They are part of the Naturist Village of Leucate (45 Hectares)
They run along the pier, which connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Marina-Naturist
The residences provide access to the Mediterranean Sea by the Pier trail.
They make available to their residents and vacationers
132 terraced detached villas with private terrace or garden.

• Hotelleries:
Résidence Oasis Nature 49 Villas, avec cuisine & salle-d'eau. Terrasse ou jardin.
• Adresse: Résidence Oasis Nature, 4 rue de la nature, Village Naturiste Fr-11370 Leucate
Maisons de la Jetée 80 Villas, avec cuisine & salle-d'eau. Terrasse ou jardin.
• Adresse: Maisons de la jetée, 9 rue de la nature, Village Naturiste Fr-11370 Leucate
• Contact:
" Résidence  Oasis Nature" & " Maisons de la Jetée "

Eng: Leucate Naturist complex publié le 06-02-2016
Naturism is accessible to everyone, of all generations!
"Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, caracteresed by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging self-respect,
respect for others and for the environment"
The naturist village of Port Leucate consists of several residences, located on the offshore strip of land between the lake and the sea. This area, strictly reserved to naturists, has a beach, approximately 1 km long, they are of course available only to naturists, residents or visitor. Strict dress code mandatory!
Place: Coast, direct access to the beach, 50 hectares reserved to naturism.
Facilities: Beach with lifeguard, beach shower, private and collective parking, solarium, playground, marina.
Swimming pool & tennis in residences: "Aphrodite, Oasis & Ulysse"
• Mall, Comercial center & Services on naturist site:
- Restaurants, Pizza, Snacks, Glacier, Bars, takeaway to "Aphrodite Oasis & Ulysses"
- Groceries, Bakery, Patisserie, Butcher, Delicatessen, Mini Market, Wine.. in "Aphrodite".
- Press Bazaar, Laundry in "Aphrodite".

- Hairdressing, Aesthetics, Massage Facial in "Aphrodite",
- Naturist Tourism agencies
• Entertainment: restaurants offer live music in the evening.
Associations of Aphrodite, Venus & Ulysses organize events, sports tournaments Misc shows.
Naturists Activities: Petanque, naked hiking, billiard tables (At Oasis), beach volleyball, tennis (At residence: Aphrodite, Oasis & Ulysse) fishing, scuba diving, Boating (Sea Lake), sailing, windsurfing, entertainment.
• Kids animations/Mini Club: The kids club "Aphrodite Residence" works in summer.
                                      - The "Ulysse" club offers activities for children in summer.

Coordinate: Villages Naturistes, Île de la Corrège,  D.627 , Fr-11370 Port Leucate
APHRODITE: ≈ 600 appartements & villas, ÉDEN: 160 Villas,
Maisons de la JETÉE 80 Villas, Le MAS: 83 villas, OASIS: 260 Appartements, Résidence Oasis Nature (La JETÉE), 49 Villas,
ULYSSE : 150 Appart & 84 places de camping. VÉNUS: 84 appartements & villas,
The land of the free

- Near:  
Green Lane: For the green track, cycling, rollerblading, walking ... starting from the roundabout Naturist Village, Leucate Village is about 3 Km & Port Leucate 4 Km
• Environment: Leucate is part of the "Natural Marine Park in the Golf du Lion" &
of "Regional Natural Park of Narbonnaise in the Mediterranean"
Event: Every year in the spring "World Wind" Windsurf & kitesurf...

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- Tableau Récapitulatif HÉBERGEMENTS: publié le 15-03-2016
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  Types d'hébergement: T1, T1+, T2, T3 & T4

T1: T1+:  T2: T3:  T4:  
MAS de la plage: :T3 VILLAS   MAS
:T3 VILLAS   Oasis Nature
Maisons de la JETÉE: :T3 VILLAS   Maisons de la JETÉE
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PLAGE: LOCATIONS HÔTELLERIE" près de la plage naturiste.  
HANDICAP: LOCATIONS accessibles pour Personnes atteintes de HANDICAP.  

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